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A completely safe, non-invasive procedure that promotes 
ultimate, inch-loss results.


About us

Victoria has been working with unique lasers for body contouring and weight loss for 5 years.


Coming from Europe herself, she was always interested in their Aesthetic technology.
While following some of the top companies in Europe as they came out with unique technology for body contouring, she wanted to open a business with a focus on body contouring,
inch-loss, and weight loss.

Personalize your ideal body with a series

of 20-minute treatments!



*Virtual Complementary Consultations Available


Laser Service

A non invasive procedure that promotes ultimate, inch-loss results.

Treatment is painless and relaxing.


Weight Loss

Customized 2 phase plan upon consult, coaching the client and coach by text.


Diet Program

Meals for 7 days a week.

*Call for more information to create a customized plan or package.



Reduction of fat cells


No pain


Skin Tightening while reducing fat cells


Loss of 1-3 sizes 




Visual and measurable results


No down time


Most areas of the body can be contoured

Body Parts That Can Be Done

Muffin top -- Love handles -- Inner thighs -- Outer thighs -- Full leg -- Back of legs -- Low back-- Upper back -- Upper bra fat -- Bra fat -- Upper Arms -- Lower Arms -- Butt lift -- Under Chin fat -- And More...

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Instant, Visual and

Measureable Results!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PHantom work?

The PHantom emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides. The triglycerides are excreted through the body in the exact same manner as performing cardio vascular exercise. Clinical studies have proven that by using invisable infrared, PHantom beams with low level laser energy, results are the most effective. PHantom beams penetrate deeper to promote immediate lymphatic detoxification and increased metabolism, allowing greater shrinkage of fat stores.

How much can I expect to lose?

Results can be seen immediately! Typically results are 1" to 2" inches lost in abdominal circumference with each treatment. However, a course of 8 treatments is recommended over 4 weeks. With complementary consult, we customize your package and treatments. Average results after a course of 8 is 2-3 sizes. Results may vary from person to person.

Are there any risks?

Laser Lipo and infrared are a completely safe, non invasive procedure that promote ultimate, inch loss results. No side effects.

Is the procedure painful?

Treatment is painless and relaxing. No surgical procedure means no recovery time.

How long are the treatments?

They are 30 to 60 minutes long. But this is determined in consultation.

How many do I get per area?

8 or more. This is determined in consultation.

How many treatments can I get in a week?

Usually 2. Also, depends on number of areas.

How many inches can I get off with 8 treatments?

Depends on type of fat and area. However, my clients have experienced 2-10 inches.

Does this laser tighten loose skin?

Yes, it does help build up collagen and tighten over time.

When do I see results?

On 1st treatment, you may experience 2 to 4 inches. After that, each treatment depends on how your body eliminates the fat. After 8 sessions clients may loose 6-12 inches depending on your body.

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I am 63 years old and I’ve had this constant weight issue with my lower belly and muffin top.  I always said if I could just cut that area off I’d be perfect. 

Then I became familiar with Shapele’ U and their Laser Inch-Loss program. I’ve never been more satisfied with a weight loss program as I am with Shapele’ U. 

I must say I was a little bit hesitant due to their promised results (and my years of trying everything on the market) but after a private consultation with the Owner Victoria and one treatment I am no longer had any hesitation and knew this was the program I’ve been looking for all along. 

After just my first treatment I was able to see tightness in my skin and loss of inches. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to book my next session.

They say things don’t happen overnight well whoever said that, has not been to visit Shapele’ U.

- R.C.


Safety Protocols

Appointment-Only Service


Temperature Taken

Text When You Arrive

Exam Screening

Wear Mask In To Building

Safety Glasses

Hands Sanitize In Office

Appointments Spread To Leave Time For Sanitizing


Phone number: 334.301.4166


319 W. Town Place, St. Augustine, Fl 32092